About US
About US
Service Pumps Solutions, activity description
Service Pumps Solutions is the synthesis of many years’ experience in the maintenance of high tech pumps with perception of the present and future technical and commercial requirements of the market in which we operate; it offers its customers a lean and flexible specialized activity, which integrates its professional resume with its technical and operational organization.
Service Pumps Solutions specializes in the maintenance of water boiler feed pumps, for the extraction of condensate and water circulation pumps in the area of "Power Generation". It also offers its services for pumps in the "Industry" sector and for the maintenance of High pressure and Temperature valves.
What it offers
Service Pumps Solutions offers maintenance services with the intention of assisting the Customer in solving problems which occur during the life cycle of the machines, suggesting preventive, development and technological innovation interventions, with solutions to meet the life expectation, in efficiency terms, of the machines, and ensure optimal levels of service.
Service Pumps Solutions considers it important to contribute and enable a technological culture to grow which, in synergy with Maintenance Engineering, is able to indicate to all the technicians of the sector a methodology which produces, as a goal, the upgrading and technological improvements to be applied to machineries; factors that also contribute to improving Health, Safety and the Environment in the workplace in compliance with current regulations.
Today the challenge which must be won is called “global hyper-competitiveness”.
Service Pumps Solutions intends to create more value by reducing waste, looking for innovations and sharing values and principles of Maintenance Engineering with the goal of continuing to grow in sustainability and excellence, thus offering a service aimed at satisfying the Customer.
The Founder
Enrico Garavaglia
He has gained many years’ experience within various factories of leading national and international companies, holding positions of responsibility in the areas of Mechanical Maintenance, Production, Quality and Design.
He has obtained his Certificate "Works Supervisor according to UNI 11420: 2011 Level 2A". He has excellent knowledge in the maintenance of critical water feed boiler pumps, of condensate vacuum pumps, recirculating pumps, for all auxiliary services pumps and for the maintenance of critical valves installed in industrial plants.
He has formulated a number of technical documents, such as: "Reverse Engineering, Life extension and measures of retrofitting for rotating machines", ”Memories, notes on toughness and fatigue of metallic alloys","Optimization of the cooling system of O.D. grinders. Diploma thesis: "Hydraulic operator machinery."

During these 25 years of experience, he has always held the belief that something more could be done in order to satisfy customers; a concept which, added to his human/professional experience and his perception of the future, has resulted in his continued commitment to growth, technical updating and development. He has always considered it important to professionally follow the values and principles of Engineering Maintenance, by promoting a maintenance service with a quality, flexible and proactive approach which, in his Company “Service Pumps Solutions”, integrates an efficient organization with high technical quality efficiency, therefore responding to the multiple demands of the Market and the expectations of the Customer.
Service Pumps Solutions provides excellent service that puts availability, efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility for the Customer in pride of place.
Service Pumps Solutions employs highly qualified, competent collaborators who are able to work independently and as a team.
Personal growth is constantly maintained through continuous technical updates and training, so as to always be highly competitive and professional, ready to give consistent answers to questions posed by the Customer.
Service Pumps Solutions certifies its Values
The Client
We believe the Customer is our real asset and he is an essential and integral part of our success, we are always working to achieve the goal of his satisfaction concerning his expectations and the achieved results.
We offer our services to the Customer with high quality standards.
It's in the continuous search for improvement in shared knowledge and ideas, integrated by different requirements, that professionalism and competence are developed, as confirmed by the observed effects.
Professionality and compentence
- how to be: in everyday life and during our work, we advocate and practice the values of respect, fairness and honesty in the relationships with our Customers, Suppliers and Collaborators.
- know-how: It is the whole of our education and knowledge, always kept constantly updated.
- know-how, what to do: experience combined with knowledge applied in accordance with certain criteria.
- know-how, what, how, when: after a careful analysis, we apply the "know how" at the right time, in the most appropriate manner to the specific apparatus, with the aim of being efficient and effective.
A sense of belonging and teamwork
Feel and empathize with the Customer’s problems, carrying out tasks with a team spirit by integrating the different realities in order to achieve objectives.
Market Approach
Lead and improve the company with care and continuity combined with an ability to take risks personally.
Balancing the key factors that interact in the system.
Suppliers and external Collaborators
Suppliers and external Collaborators are selected and considered as reliable strategic partners, who contribute to support competitiveness and share the Ethical Principles and Company Policies of Service Pumps Solutions in the fields of Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality of Service all in compliance with the appropriate Laws of the Country of origin.