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Re-Maintenance Engineering - For life extension of machines and plants
In the management of Physical Assets maintenance plays a fundamental role and primary because with its activities covers 90% of the life of each well. Hence the need to define a maintenance strategy in coordination with the business plan of the company, which is effcient and competitive, to be reviewed periodically on the basis of the unexpected and the tecnological and economic chenges. Maintenance should pursue the lowest possible cost, the following main objectives: - Maximum safety and evironmentale protection of the plants and industries. - The conservation of the fixed assets, machinery, equipment, infrastructure, etc. - The higher operational availability of the facilities in line with the production capacity and market demand by users. - Ensure continuos improvement projects to contribute to the competitiveness of the plants. These important objectives are summarized in the axiom that maintenance treatment technology for a lifetime of assets (Terotechnology). This term coined by the British in 1975, in recent years has flowed into the wider Physical Asset Management. Maintenance engineering works in many ways, from simple as fault repair to complex: prevention, renovation and development of materials and component parts. Maintenance engineering is the heart and engine maintenance, and i now an established discipline for many years, allowing you to take the most suitable policies to the various cases in order to: - Reduce the corrective actions to repair faults. - Measure the preventive maintenance personalizing the reality of the machines and processes that place, according to the most profitable types: - Inspection. - Predictive. - On condition. - Predetermined. - Ameliorative to increase the reliability and maintainability of the units. In many cases, especially when the physical goods already have many years of practice, whether as a result of changing needs, both to renew and extend their life, the maintenance engineering uses even the most complex and professional techniques: - Retrofitting, or the addition of new devices, automation systems, advanced materials most reliable components to get more features and better performance. - Reverse Engineering, when analyzing the structure of the existing units returning from the state back to the basic choices of the original project, to understand, in terms of stress resistance and the safety margins of the critical components and issues by ensuring adaptations, improvements and innovations application. These methodologies "redesign to improve" belong to the part of maintenance engineering that goes under the name of Re-Maintenance Engineering. This activity that reprocesses the various critical units, both to improve reliability, both to prolong life, is obviously high value-added, but it is not easy because it requires skills and depth uncommon professional. On these streets today moves maintenance engineering aware of the difficulties and new challenges to overcome, but with the assurance that maintenance is not only essential in the life of the assets, but it can contribute significantly to their design. Enrico Garavaglia - Service Pumps Solutions (article published in the journal "Manutenzione Tencica e Management" January 2015 - link: