Service Pumps Solutions services
Technical consultancy
At the Customer’s premises, at headquarters, Video conference, technical report, on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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Breakdown maintenance, repair, revision
At an authorized workshop, at the Customer’s premises, on-call 24 hours a day 7 days a week
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Corrective maintenance
Deferred corrective maintenance (may be programmed), emergency deferred maintenance (on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
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Preventive maintenance
Cyclical maintenance, condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance
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Proactive maintenance
Re-Engineering, improvement solutions for Life-Extension
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Extraordinary maintenance
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Assistance on site
Service inspection. diagnostic assistance
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Installation and commissioning
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Supply of spare parts
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All services include the issuance of reports and detailed assistance reports.
Service Pumps Solutions employs highly trained specialized staff.
Technical consultancy
Consultancy can give a great contribution; sometimes it is essential to hear the opinion of a professional who may give directions or solve the problem at the right time.

The consulting service that we offer aims to support the Customer at all times; Service Pumps Solutions provides all the resources with the goal of being present 24 hours a day, 365 days / year. It is possible to have us at your premises in order to analyse the problem and suggest corrective actions accompanied by a technical report.
It is also possible to run the machinery inventory of the plant by issuing a list of all the items with the nameplate data, notes and suggestions.

Advantages for the Customer:

You know you always have a close and reliable partner ready to intervene and solve the problem at all times;
Obtaining the current machinery inventory that is required to begin the assessment of the risk analysis.
Breakdown maintenance with repair and/or revision
Often today, strategically, the machine is brought to failure or, unexpectedly, there is a condition of failure with machine downtime and plant production problems. In the first case the fault is consciously expected, in the second case, the customer could have big production problems.

Service Pumps Solutions, with its staff, is ready to intervene at any time to resolve failures of pumps, valves and related systems. Initially an inspection and analysis of the fault will be carried out, after which, having defined the feasibility together with the customer, we move on to action, be it repair or overhaul. In general, the repair can be carried out at the site where the machinery is located, whilst the revision is often carried out by moving the pump to the workshop authorized by the Customer or the Supplier. With the completion of the work, a detailed technical description of the whole process of maintenance effected will be drawn up.

Advantages for the Customer:

Knows who to call at any time to solve problems in an emergency.
Entrusting the machinery to a professional partner.
Corrective Maintenance
During the lifecycle of the machines, we realize that making corrections to the component, to the machine or to the plant can avoid unacceptable consequences.

Service Pumps Solutions operates on pumps, valves and auxiliary systems, offering "deferred corrective maintenance" services, when it can be programmed in accordance with certain rules and/or decisions by the Customer, and "emergency corrective maintenance" which will be performed immediately after the detection of the fault.
In the case of emergency corrective maintenance our availability is throughout 24 hours for 365 days.

Advantages for the Customer:

Adopt corrections before a failure with serious consequences occurs.
Resolve emergency faults by adopting appropriate corrections.
Certainty of calling at the right time, a specialist to whom to entrust the solution of the problem.
Preventive maintenance
Once the level of criticality of the unit has been established and after performing the failure analysis, the preventive maintenance procedures are defined by carrying out the interventions as close as possible to when these are necessary.

Service Pumps Solutions offers scheduled services of pumps, valves and related systems, based on the needs of the Customer.
The preventive maintenance service is performed in accordance with predetermined periods or following required methods and it is programmed to reduce the probability of failure or the decay of the machinery operation. The cyclical preventive maintenance is carried out according to time intervals or based on a fixed number of machines used, without previously carrying out any assessment of operating conditions. The preventive maintenance based on condition includes the analysis of the monitoring of the operating conditions, inspections and tests, in order to assign the specific maintenance to the component, to the system, to the machine.
The predictive preventive maintenance is performed on the basis of the prediction of the analysis of the reference parameters of the machines, or by evaluating the state of deterioration of the same.

Advantages for the Customer:

Maintain or improve the conditions of efficiency, effectiveness, operational availability, process yield;
Reduce small stops, faults, defects, start-ups, downtime, waste, accidents;
Control of degradation;
Acquire operational flexibility by assessing the risks;
Extend the residual life of the component, machine, system, plant;
Raise the professionalism of the operators (in awareness, serenity, motivation to work)
Proactive maintenance
To maintain or improve conditions and operational capacity it is sometimes necessary to improve and make changes on the component, machine or system, in order to ensure that the plant develops in competitiveness and sustainability.

A component is designed to carry out a certain job, but often external and processing conditions change over time because of modifications, system changes, errors of production and maintenance, corrosion, wear and tear and therefore it is no longer suitable to perform the job as expected. Improvements are therefore made to systems where there are obsolete machines.
Service Pumps Solutions, together with its collaborators, provides a re-engineering service to improve the component. The service offers a complete analysis of the particular pump, valve, related system, the operative conditions, the fluid conveyed and the maintainability. The component is verified with high-tech equipment that determines its measurements and geometry in order to create a drawing; at the same time the chemical and structural analysis of the component is performed and a final evaluation is made, designed to create a new and improved replica in order to carry out the work required and meet the life expectation.

Advantages for the Customer:

Life-extension of the component, pump, valve and related systems.
Restore a situation of safety and reduce the risk of failure.
Compliance with current laws on the environment.
Availability of spare parts at all times as the construction project is available.
Energy savings.
Improving reliability, efficiency, effectiveness and operational availability.
Elimination of obsolete spare parts from stock and reduction of costs.
Control of degradation.
Warranty on the new part.
Extraordinary maintenance
Sometimes unforeseen and extraordinary events occur that require us to adopt better solutions and changes in order to ensure that the system continues to operate with the best performance and operational safety.

Service Pumps Solutions offers a maintenance service should the Customer require it for:

General Review.
Relevant remakes of parts.
Important safety adaptations.
Legal adaptations.
Changes to maximize productivity, quality and energy savings.
Changes due to unpredictable regulation occurrences.
Repairs due to vandalism and natural disasters.
Moving, removals, changes in layout and configuration.
Extensions and enhancements.

Advantages for Customers:

Changes are within the amortization schedule.
Improves reliability, efficiency, effectiveness and operational availability.
Elimination of obsolete spare parts from the warehouse.
Put yourself in a situation of safety and reduce the risk of failure.
Alignment with current laws on environment and safety.
Improve maintainability.
In line with sustainability.
Assistance on site
Evaluate, by the individual and combined indications of the significant parameters of operation, the remaining life of the machine before failure.

Service Pumps Solutions, together with its collaborators, offers a service of inspection and diagnostic assistance for pumps, valves and auxiliary systems at the Customer’s premises.
The inspection and diagnostic assistance aims to examine the conformity of the equipment involved, implementing all actions to detect, locate, identify and eliminate the causes of potential disruptions.

The main services offered are:

Control of noise emissions
Control with induced currents.
Penetrant liquid inspection.
Magnetic particle inspection.
Ultrasonic inspection.
Optical checks.
Leak detectors.
Vibration control.
Degradation of oils.
Alignment control with analogue method (comparators); with digital method (laser).

Advantages for Customers:

Current rating of the residual life of the component, pump, valve, system.
Reduce waste.
To keep under control, over time, the critical machines by reducing the risk of failure.
Schedule maintenance.
Optimize resources.
Raise awareness of the operators (peace of mind, motivation to operate).
Maintain production capacity.
Installation and commissioning
It is essential to start on the right foot; starting from the root makes it easier to avoid any mistakes.

Service Pumps Solutions, in collaboration with the Customer, offers a service of installation and commissioning of the pump.
The installation service includes the control of the base and the proper grouting, mounting the group on the base, checking the correct alignment of the lines (suction line, various spills, discharge lines, cooling or heating, drainage, oil lines, hydraulic equilibrium line, the line of minimum flow rate, etc.) and the alignment between the motor unit and the pump. The commissioning is performed following the rules in the use and maintenance manual of the product and its operating procedures. During the start-up phase all the pump and group parameters will be checked going from low to full load and verifying the functionality of the system on the basis of the required expectations.

Advantages for Customers:

Maintain or improve efficiency, effectiveness, operational availability and process yield.
Reduce small stops, faults, defects, start-ups, machine downtime, waste, accidents and residues.
Control degradation.
Acquire operational flexibility by assessing the risks.
Extend the residual life of the component, machine, system and plant..
Supply of spare parts
A spare part is a critical component, it must be the correct one and easy to find.

Service Pumps Solutions is supported, for its spare parts, by expert collaborators, ready to meet all the Customer’s expectations in a short time.
In support of all our Customers, there is also the possibility of storing in a "data base" (with DWG drawings) all the spare parts that the Customer thinks will be necessary or critical, which are immediately made and delivered should they be required. In this way, the Customer reduces his/her warehouse stock levels to a minimum whilst the rapid availability of spare parts remains guaranteed.

Advantages for Customers:

Lowering inventory costs.
Immediate availability of strategic stockpile.